IRAA Vision and Mission


Since 2006, the Indian Recording Arts Academy Awards (IRAA) honours creativity, commitment and excellence in recording Arts. The awards recognise exceptional talent in music, soundtrack recording and mixing for Indian albums and movies, as also innovation in music production and engineering that defines independent music culture.

The IRAA stands out distinctly from other film awards because of the award's focus on technical excellence and it is the only awards in India that is process driven with valid jury. IRAA prides itself on the validity of the awards, with winners being selected solely on merit. The focus is on technical excellence rather than subjective opinions, budget or commercial success of the tracks and movies, and the winners and final nominees represent bold and innovative talent in sound mixing technique and creative sound recording from across the country setting new standards in sound engineering and influencing creation of soundtrack design, production and music content.

IRAA's vision and mission for the future is that recording arts be treated as an Art, wherein the engineer who has the credit of the final mix and who puts all the sounds together should get the royalty just like the composer and the lyricist.


In the past year there has been a dynamic change in IRAA with the establishing of Chair for independent music recording. Consequently with maximum nominations being received from the Indie (Independent) music segment. This gives IRAA a lot of dynamism and scope in future and the IRAA expects in future that nominations from this segment will cross many thousand. This also mandates that IRAA become a membership platform to be taken seriously.

The objective is to develop legitimacy of the IRAA platform with a huge base of valid members and valid voting which further strengthen the recording industry in India and make the IRAA awards the definitive recognition for all sound and audio engineering and creativity. There should be attention to these awards from the film and television and OTT industry and fraternity of sound engineers across the world.

IRAA's aim is to have paid nominations determining the music awards, on lines of the Grammy. The mission is to have a formal black-tie award ceremony that is telecast globally in the future. And to have a management committee truly representative of the music movie, TV and video industry.