IRAA Committee 2016

Mr. Anil Chopra

Mr. Anil Chopra - Founder & Chairman of IRAA
Founder of PALM Expo and PALM Conference in 2001; Music Expo (2001); IRAA (2006); Sound & Light Awards (2011); PALM DJ Championship (2011).

He founded India’s first pro audio magazine Playback & Fast Forward in 1986. In its new avtaar the magazine is now called PALMtechnology. He was also Publisher and Editor of Studio Systems (1993) - India’s first pro video and broadcast magazine.

Mr. Promod Chandorkar

Mr. Achille Forler – Awards Director
A Veteran of the Creative Industries, Achille Forler is the MD of Universal Music Publishing, India. He has over three decades of experience in both the creative and the communications industries. He has 10 years of experience in cultural management followed by 5 years as a public servant, reporting to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs on film, broadcasting and music industries in India. He founded Deep Emotions, India’s first full-service music publishing company (now owned by Universal Music Publishing) in 1996. For more than a decade, Forler has been a champion of the rights of music content creators in India.

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