IRAA Awards : Film Nomination Form

(Please Note: Only the soundtrack or albums released from January to December 2020 are valid for nomination and all Fields are Compulsory)

For any additional queries or assistance required in submitting files, contact Smita Rai at or call on 9820943398

Name of Nominator
Name of Nominee
Album / Movie Name
Release Date
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Contact No.
Email of Nominee
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Choose option to share your Audio / Video file
(Only .wav, .mov and .mkv files allowed)

Rules & Regulations for Participation:

  • Only the Soundtrack/Albums/Movies/Web Series released officially and available to the public at large from January to December 2020 are valid for nomination.
  • Last date to submit the nominations is 28th June, 2021.
  • A nominee can enter one song in multiple categories.
  • A nominee can submit a maximum of three files/nominations per category.
  • Categories which receive less than three nominations will be dropped and the category will not be considered for the awards
  • An entry once submitted cannot be withdrawn
  • Mp3 files shall be disqualified
  • Audio files should be minimum 16 bit/44.1 kHz WAV files.
  • For Films / Advertisement please send .mov file or .mkv file with either 5.1 or stereo audio as applicable. Maximum duration of the clip should be: 15 minutes
  • Nominees can alternatively also courier your audio/video files to: Smita Rai, PALM Expo Team, 530, Laxmi plaza, Laxmi Industrial Estate, New link road, Andheri - W, Mumbai - 400-053
  • Jury reserves the right to add/change the categories.
  • The clause for “Sound Designer for Foreign Films” category is that the Engineer has to be a resident of India.

*There is no voting. Final authority is with Jury and their decision is binding on the nominees
*You can also participate by e-mailing us on